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Proxymedia comprises of a team of experienced professionals who love to redefine technologies while building great relationships along the way.Established in 1998 in the heart of Pakistan, we have 15+ years of experience in working with robust software, providing web solutions, assisting start-ups and making our clients happy.  

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Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a collection of procedures applied for the purpose of resolving conflict or disputes informally and confidentially. ADR is alternate to customary processes, such as grievances and complaints; however, it does not override those conventional processes. It le

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Company Formation

We provide services at your door step. We will discuss about the company you want to establish and then you will be provided one window.The capacity of organization of all organizations is administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and the Registrar of Companies selected b

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Real Estate Services

We propose expert guidance and legal expertise from some of our most knowledgeable real estate lawyers in Pakistan. We possess extensive knowledge in representing most of the major investors, real estate developers, contractors, wealth funds and private property owners throughout the state. We ha

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